About Norwhich 12

Bob Browning is the founder and owner of the Norwich 12. His introduction to computers came earlier than most. His father was a computer technician that worked for a variety of government agencies, As a teen-ager he became familiar with the personal computer when it was high priced and had limited functions. He was fascinated with them, and always peppered his father with questions about anything computer related.

By the time Browning reached college age he had to make a choice of a major and minor. He chose Communications as a major and Computer Technology as a minor. Upon graduation, Browning found a decent paying job at a local television station in Liverpool. He worked in the information and research department. His knowledge of computers came in handy.

Around this time the cost of computers had become manageable enough for many people to own. Along with this the world wide web was becoming more and more prominent as a communication and economic force. A reporter that worked at the television station was doing a story on a local web development company, Browning was assisting him in gathering information for the report. Doing this sparked his love for computer-related work. This led to Browning taking web development classes at a local university. Then he enrolled in a two year degree program to augment what he had already done with his computer degree.

In time Browning left his television station position to work for an upstart web development company. After a six year stint Browning and a friend, Mary Wilkes, decided to start their own company, which became Norwich 12.

Browning had been an on and off gambler throughout his life. He worked at a land-based casino while he was attending college. He saw the ups, and mostly downs of the players that came through the casino. Browning played at a couple other land-based casinos. He never had much luck other than winning a 100 pounds playing the slots. He also did well playing blackjack at times, but generally just broke even.

The idea for specializing in the gambling industry came about when he was dating a woman that had a friend whose husband was part owner of an online casino. During the course of a conversation the casino owner lamented how hard it was to stay ahead of the competition when it came to all aspects of the business because he had to use more than one company. some in nearby countries. Browning asked if other owners felt the same way. This was the genesis of Browning wanting to offer comprehensive web development services for online casinos.

Norwich 12 rests at the top of its field because we are dedicated to doing all we can to develop innovations throughout all aspects of the industry. Our wide assortment of support for the online gambling industry is what keeps up a step ahead of the competition. All this is done to offer customers maximum satisfaction.

To bring about the best possible solutions for our online casino customers Norwich 12 uses the best and most up to date Content Management Systems available. To offer the best features the company uses Drupal Web Development. The beauty of Drupal is that it is effective for the creation of the simplest blogs to highly complex and varied online casinos websites. This can be done through the features Drupal offers like advanced menu management and graphic modification tools, Also available are thousands of plug-in widgets that can be utilized in a variety of ways.

To stay where they need to be Norwich 12 will use the latest and the best of all the web development tools. Among them is HTML5, an app that is sure to replace flash as a tool for development. HTML5 can work well with mobile apps.. It is also becoming the best tool for website development. The best of what HTML5 has to offer includes app like experience in a browser interface, high resolution imagery, and affordable development costs.

Here is an overview of what Norwich 12 can do for you in the area of online gaming and sports betting websites, We can offer first class casino website design done in a highly professional manner. We can provide you with a basic sports information website to a more complex sports betting website to a full scale online gambling casino. We feature custom data base apps and betting systems that can be tailored to our clients needs.

The company has a full line of design capabilities like development hosting and maintenance for your website.

* We offer sensational website design that reflects client’s needs. We provide custom artwork and page layout.

* We provide navigation elements that make your website easy to use, and easy to make sales with,

* We make your website easily designed for search engine optimization.

* We have sports betting solutions that include betting lines, live wagering odds, marketing tools, and online betting.

* We have easy to use CMS that will aid you greatly in managing your website content.

* We offer support services that help you maintain your website,

* Other key features we offer are reliable web hosting, written and content development, project management, internet marketing, and Twitter account management.

An example of a project we did for an online casino is our work on the website Online Game Play. The services we were able to provide for them was logo design, layout design, CSS/XHTLM code, and website structure.

Since 1999 Online Game Play has been a top notch online casino headquartered in Liverpool England. They are a website that features many quality instant online games. The website now has downloads available for all its games. The downloads can be executed on both Windows and Mac computers. This is something different for Mac downloads of casino games. Before this the games never worked well with Safari browsers.

The casino management team contracted us to create a new logo and website design for their business. They wanted a new color scheme targeted toward the USA market. The new design would have to be coded to work well with Word Press custom built CMS.

It was the challenge to the Norwich 12 designers to create a vibrant color scheme that would attract online gamblers from the United States. The designers chose red as the dominant color, This was combined with blues and greens in order to make the website stand out from the crowd.

Another gaming site we did work for is the 77 Bet online casino, The services we were contracted to provide were layout design, CMS development, media and advertising design, project management, and search engine optimization.

We were aired to create a website design for a start up online casino. They wanted an attractive website with a great color scheme. They wanted a classy professional look. The website had to be integrated with start of the art CMS to attract online bettors.

The designers created a dynamic color scheme that was targeted toward bringing more Asian gamblers to the website. This was accomplished by sprinkling the website with bright reds, It is complimented with white, gold, and green in order to make it stand out from the crowd of online casino sites,

The CMS put together for the website was constructed to aid the owners in a variety of ways. They will easily be able to import documents. They can add, track, manage, and record stats for their advertising campaigns. Articles can be edited, added, and removed. And of course, poker and casino games can be run very smoothly. When you visit the site the dark red background hues frame the website in a cool and fun manner. The home page is clearly labeled for casino, sports, lottery, and slot games, An interesting revolving flash element is also a center piece.