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Norwich 12, A journey through the English city
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About the Norwich 12 project

For most of the medieval period up until the industrial revolution, Norwich was England's second city. Remarkably, the city's heritage has not been destroyed over time, allowing it to become one of the great heritage cities of Europe.

Norwich 12 is a pioneering heritage concept which was originally an initiative by Norwich Heritage Economic and Regeneration Trust (HEART), a private, charitable trust set up to act as an umbrella organisation for all the heritage on offer in Norwich and to be a best practice exemplar internationally for heritage as a social and economic regeneration vehicle.

In 2006 HEART secured almost £1 million from the Treasury's Invest to Save budget to launch the Norwich 12 initiative, and develop the 12 iconic buildings into an integrated family of heritage attractions, acting as an internationally important showcase of English urban and cultural development over the last 1,000 years.

The project was inspired by a similar heritage concept that has been adopted in Philadelphia, USA. The American city's Independence National Historical Park is a collection of buildings and open spaces that are managed as a unified set by the US National Park Service, even though they exist under plethora of ownership and management regimes. As with the Philadelphia project, Norwich 12 seeks to connect the group of buildings and promote them as a significant collective destination.

Photography credits

Many thanks to the following photographers and organisations, whose photos are used on this website:

All Norwich 12 partners, Chris Skipworth, Andrew Perkins, Ricky-Joe Burrage, the University of East Anglia (provided 3D models).

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