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Itrader web design

Websites can be designed in many ways and that creates a lot of extra opportunities for businesses. Nowadays it’s possible to adjust every single detail in an online template, resulting in a website which really suits your company in the best way possible. Just think about colours, graphics, dynamic animations and even the amount of content. It really depends on the style and vision of your own company how your website will finally look like. At Norwich12 we would like to understand your business before we start with the concept of a new design. With the help of a little bit of research we can find more detailed information which we can use in to the new design! After the research is done, we will present our report to our potential client.

This is what we also did with our newest client Itrader. This company is operating in the cryptocurrency business and are active in trading activities. Last year, Norwich12 developed the concept for the Itrader website, which will be launched very soon. The challenge was to make a design including an excitement vision. People often find cryptocurrency quite strict, commercial and the concept maybe a little bit boring. This is why we have researched many competitors, in order to create an out of the box concept for Itrader. We have used different sparkling colours and a modern navigation, which is also very easy to use. Norwich12 wanted to develop a website while using the best technology and innovation, just like the cryptocurrency industry is right now.

Norwich12 believes in the psychology of colours and the way they can affect people in their behavior. We have chosen to work with multiple colours that are calming and relaxing at the same time. Also, we have looked at the colour which represents money; green. The combination of colours that we have decided are the pastel colours blue and green, combined with a white background. Norwich12 has developed the entire corporate identity from scratch, in order to start over. We have created the logo, business cards, website and other brand items and products of Itrader. The project now is almost finished and soon the new identity will be published by the company. Working with Itrader was a great opportunity and we are very grateful to have worked with such an inspiring company.

Besides Itrader we have many other new clients who are waiting for a project delivery. Most of our running projects are within the online casino and cryptocurrency business. Norwich12 is excited to work with a variety of industries and business owners and is always looking for new opportunities. If you would like to work with Norwich12, please contact us or visit our office during working hours. We would happily discuss the many services that we are able to provide. On our website you can find our project portfolio with a list of our most recent clients, previous web designs and even marketing services. If you are operating in the online casino or cryptocurrency business, you have come to the right place!