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Webdesign And Development

At Norwich12, we have different kind of testimonials which we can show our potential clients. On our website we have shown 4 great reviews of finalized projects, which you can find in the header. However, sometimes it’s important to highlight one of them in order to explain the entire process and make it understandable. One of our biggest success has to be the collaboration with the online casino called Beste Online Casino. The project went smoothly and the communication between the two parties went unbelievably fast. The project started in 2014 and Norwich12 was responsible for the entire web design and development.

The entire project was finalized within six months of hard and passionate work. We have created a full developed concept which could be implemented in the culture of their company. From scratch, we took a dive in to their work environment in order to understand a little bit more about their strategies and type of industry. Beste Online Casino had a clear focus on their customer service and that had became the main priority of the entire project. Everything we created was adjustable in a customer friendly environment. There were many aspects which needed to be developed, such as navigation, directly communication with the customer service and news items. It was very important to create a website which is user friendly through the use of a clear overview.

Norwich12 is dedicated to work with more companies such as beste online casino, because they are really striving for perfection. Those type of companies are putting all of their past work in to your hands in order to create something amazing. In order to do that, you have to trust each other during the entire project. Our first design proposal was a great success, but needed more adjustments to make it as professional as possible. The second proposal however, seemed to be the right fit for the online casino. They accepted the projects and we immediately started of with the whole development process. A team of 4 experienced developers were responsible for implementing the design in to a real website and finished the project as soon as possible. Eventually, it took us six months to deliver our project, but it was definitely worth the effort.

Conclusion of this story is that Beste Online Casino is still using our web design and that means a lot for Norwich12 as a company. We have put our heart and passion in to this long term project and together made it a great success. Now we work with many clients who are active in the online casino industry. It is important to design a website in the most unique way possible, in order to create different proposals. At Norwich12 we always start with researching our client and the vision behind their business. We also believe it is very important to communicate with our clients on a daily or weekly basis. In that way, we can avoid and prevent mistakes which can really help the development process. Norwich12 is very grateful to have clients in the online casino industry around the globe!